Chemical and Microbiological Analysis Laboratory

Laboratorio Analisi chimiche e microbiologicheOur laboratory take advantage of our twenty-years-experience analysts’ competence, monitored by a chemist and a biologist.


Most of all, environmental moulds are executed, according to EC enforceable regulation:

  • Industrial waste analysis and Characterisation (recovering, inserting into appropriate garbage dump)
  • Waste water analysis (unloading into sewers, into superficial waters, etc.)
  • Drinking water analysis (Chemical and Microbiological Drinkable)


Analysis of food moulds are executed, microbiological contamination is monitored and survey on pathogenic bacteria is performed (look at Evidence List):

  • Analysis of Raw Material Food
  • Analysis of Food Products
  • Analysis of Working Surface and Working Tools


Our Laboratory in validated ACCREDIA al n.0782 conforming to the International Standard UNI CEI EN ISO/IEC 17025.

Our Accreditation ACCREDIA guarantees that our reports are issued in the respect of the strictest international requirements for what concerns compliance evaluation and always under a fixed and meticulous monitoring on the laboratory work.

In conformity with the law UNI CEI EN ISO/IEC 17025 and the others documents, ACCREDIA assures that the method is executed following the law prescriptions, and ACCREDIA makes sure the hiring of high-skilled workers, expert and equitable.

Accreditation is a service for the public interest, to make consumers and business managers relying on the productive and distribution chain, on the quality of products and their safety on the more and more globalized market.

ACCREDIA do not includes others activities such as consultancy, declarations of conformity and/or opinions based on proof results and it cannot be used to certify a product.

Accreditation do not consists of a reduction of responsibility derived from others contracts between the laboratory and its costumers. Despite ACCREDIA’s main character, such as laboratory competence and managing index, ACCREDIA do not guarantee the single performances of the laboratory.

List of tests in force