Internationalization in environmental and food sector

Internationalization in environmental and food sectorAction area: East Europe, Middle East, CSI and North Africa

Our International Representation Team is composed by:
Sales Manager: Chemist with huge experience in food branch and international marketing;
Technical Manager: Industrial Consultant, Energy Manager and Lead auditor with technical experience in waste branch, waste water, sustainable energies and chemical products;
Interpreter: English, French and Arabic; carry out:

  • Technologies, products and Services Executive Representation Abroad
  • Making partnership, technical and Commercial Brokering
  • Tour for Foreign Professionals among Italian Firms
  • 2nd part of the Audit among sections abroad, costumers / suppliers in accordance to:
    • ISO 14001
    • EMAS
    • ISO 50001
    • ISO 9001
    • HACCP System
    • Standard BRC IFS
    • Internal Terms of contract or between groups
    • Energy Efficiency (energy audit)
    • Products / Services Environmental Labeling (green marketing)
    • Food Labeling